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The Incubator Theater

The Incubator Theater: Shows in April 2013 at 05.04.2014

Saturday apr 5th

The Incubator Theater presents original and innovative theater, which is both entertaining and thought-provoking, for broad and diverse audiences.


Below see the schudule of performances for February 2014. All shows are in Hebrew unless otherwise noted. All shows take place at Beit Mazia, unless otherwise noted.

For selected show synopses see the "Repertoire" tab on The Incubator Theater's mini site.


The Incubator Theater: Shows in April 2013

Macbeth: April 5 at 21:30

A Tale of Brothers: April 7 at 13:00

This City: April 10 and 30 at 20:30

Ppppppp: April 12 at 21:30

Mystorin Theater - Moshe's Dreams: A Guest Performance. Visual movement theater inspired by homilies and the book of the Zohar about the biblical exodus from Egypt.
April 17th at 20:30

Laughter: April 18th at 12:00

Ahlan!: April 23 at 22:00

Babel: April 24 at 20:30


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