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HaZira – Performance Art Arena


HaZira – Performance Art Arena (NPO) is an exceptional multi disciplinary platform in the local and international cultural scene. Diverse genres and art forms come to life in hybrid form, all under one creative roof in Jerusalem.


We started our journey in 1988 formally known as the “stage” ("HaBama") together with the School for Visual Theater and "the Train" Theater. At the beginning of the year 2000 the three organizations separated, and we set out on an independent path with a clear mission and vision: 


• To become a platform for high quality alternative theater.

• To create a unique meeting place for diverse art genres and divers audiences.  

• To give a stage to the variation of creative forces in Jerusalem.

• To turn Jerusalem in to an inspirational focus for young artist in Israel and abroad.

• To support and strengthen original theatrical dialect , creative ideas and young artists who boldly cross boundaries and dare deterministic definitions.

• To be able to reach a curios audience seeking new cultural experiences.


Artistic background:


For over two decades we have produced and performed  hundreds of plays in Israel and abroad, our annual festivals “Zirat Machol” (Dance Arena)  and “Kola Shel Hamila” (Voice of the Word) have been running for 15 years all with great success and applauding reviews, giving a formal and professional stage for hundreds of young and promising artists. 



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