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Beit Avi Chai, a unique cultural center in Jerusalem, offers a rich variety of programs, concerts, plays, study sessions, special events, lectures and workshops on a variety of subjects, all relating to Jewish-Israeli culture. Jerusalemites and visitors of all stripes are invited to discover the treasures of Israeli and Jewish knowledge and culture, to reflect on the past and the present, and to discover the wide range of opinions, voices, traditions, and forms of creativity that exist in Israel and among Diaspora Jewry.


Attendees at any of Beit Avi Chai's events can expect genuine and open discussion about the identity, past and future of the Jewish people and about the essence of the State of Israel, based on respect but without avoiding sensitive and controversial issues.


Beit Avi Chai events explore various aspects of the nexus between "Israeli" and “Jewish” - from the preservation and revitalization of the Jewish tradition and heritage to explorations of present day Israeli-Jewish life from various perspectives: political, social, cultural, artistic, and more. 


Beit Avi Chai is home to a reading room containing a rare collection of books and an exhibition of photographs and documentation of the land of Israel from the birth of photography until today (prior arrangement required to visit the photo collection).


  • Air conditioning
  • Paid Parking
  • Kids friendly

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