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From 5 star hotels to vacation apartments, B&Bs and hostels, we can cater to your ideal accommodation needs during your stay in Jerusalem

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Jerusalem City Guide

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  • The American Colony Hotel GJ - 18
    The American Colony Hotel

    5 Star, Old City
    1 Louis Vincent St.

    8.8(336 Reviews)

    תת קטגוריות - 5


  • TRYP by Wyndham Jerusalem Bat Sheva - 10
    TRYP Jerusalem Bat Sheva Hotel‏

    Boutique, City Center
    42 King George Street.

    8.5(1081 Reviews)

  • Mount Zion Hotel GJ - 17
    Mount Zion Hotel

    Boutique, Old Train Station
    17 Hebron Rd.

    8.0(665 Reviews)


  • Little House In The Colony - 1
    Little House in the Colony Hotel

    Unrated, German Colony
    4A Lloyd George St.

    7.3(359 Reviews)


  • Colony Suites Jerusalem - 9
    Colony Suites Jerusalem

    Apartments, German Colony
    German Colony Jerusalem.

    8.5(43 Reviews)


  • Ramat Rachel Kibbutz Hotel GJ - 15
    Ramat Rachel Kibbutz Hotel

    Unrated, Talpiot
    Kibbutz Ramat Rachel.

    7.7(24 Reviews)


  • A Little House In Rechavia - 9
    Little House in Rechavia

    Unrated, City Center
    20 Eben Ezra St.

    7.7(373 Reviews)


  • Inbal Jerusalem Hotel GJ - 24
    Inbal Jerusalem Hotel

    Luxury, German Colony
    3 Jabotinsky St.

    8.2(131 Reviews)


  • Azzahra Hotel GJ - 14
    Azzahra Hotel

    Unrated, East Jerusalem
    13 Azzahra St.

    8.5(80 Reviews)



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About Jerusalem Hotels

Jerusalem is not a city lacking in hotels‭, ‬but since the hotels are located throughout the city‭, ‬itís important to find a location that suits your needs‭. ‬Jerusalem hotels are centered in three main regions‭, ‬and depending on where you'd wish to be nearest to‭, ‬you should decide which one suits you the best‭

Hotels close to the Old City include the David Citadel Hotel‭, ‬the Inbal Hotel‭, ‬Mamilla Hotel‭, ‬Harmony Hotel and the Mount Zion Hotel‭. ‬If you want to be directly in the City Center you can choose among the Prima Kings Hotel‭, ‬Leonardo Plaza Hotel‭, ‬Montefiore Hotel‭, ‬Jerusalem Tower Hotel and the Palatin Hotel‭.‬

Conveniently located near Road 1‭, ‬lodging here allows for a quick exit from Jerusalem to locations such as Tel Aviv and the Dead Sea‭. ‬They are also within walking distance of the Central Bus Station as well as‭ ‬Binyanei Hauma‭, ‬Jerusalemís International Convention Center‭. ‬The hotels in this area include the Jerusalem Gold Hotel‭, ‬Jerusalem Gate Hotel‭, ‬Park Hotel Leonardo Inn Hotel and the Ramada Hotel‭. ‬ ‭

‬ The most well known hotel in east Jerusalem area‭, ‬and one of the oldest‭, ‬is the American Colony Hotel‭. ‬In the late nineties‭, ‬several four star hotels such as the Olive Tree‭, ‬the Grand Court Hotel and the Leondardo Hotel Jerusalem were erected in this area‭. ‬This location is a great choice for itís proximity to the Old City via the Damascus Gate‭.

How much will a hotel in Jerusalem cost me‭?‬ As with hotels in Israel and throughout the world‭, ‬Hotels in Jerusalem follow a star rating system‭. ‬Five star hotels spare no luxury‭, ‬provide the highest level of hospitality and are priced accordingly‭. ‬ ‭ For those seeking quality accommodation at a lower cost can find excellent options such as the Mount Zion Hotel‭, ‬Prima Royale‭, ‬Prima Kings‭, ‬Dan Boutique Hotel‭, ‬Grand Court Hotel‭, ‬Olive Tree Hotel and the Jerusalem Gold Hotel‭. ‬Other good three star options include the Montefiore Hotel‭, ‬Harmony Hotel‭, ‬the Park Hotel and the Leondardo Hotel‭. There are also smaller‭, ‬reasonably priced boutique hotels such as Little House in the Colony‭, ‬Little House in Baka‭, ‬Little House in Rechavia and the Palatin Hotel‭. ‬ ‭


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