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The Jerusalem Music Centre (JMC) was founded in 1973 by legendary violinist Isaac Stern and Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek, with the assistance of Yad Hanadiv (a Rothschild foundation) and the Jerusalem Foundation. The JMC’s purpose was to provide a musical centre that would find and nurture the finest musical talents from all over Israel, and today, as a result of more than 40 years of work, many such talents can be heard performing on prominent concert stages across the world.


As part of its work helping young Israeli talents to find their way onto the global stage, the JMC is also deeply proud of its tradition of bringing the world’s finest musicians to Israel to play and teach. As a truly global centre for musical excellence, the JMC has hosted many of the pre-eminent musicians of the 20th century, including Arthur Rubinstein, Pablo Casals, Leonard Bernstein, Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman and Alfred Brendel.


Today, headed by renowned pianist Murray Perahia, the JMC continues to imbue each successive generation of young Israeli musicians with the very same love, passion, and respect for their art shared by their predecessors, and indeed by great musicians throughout the centuries.


Our Purpose

* To find, nurture and promote outstanding young musicians from throughout Israel, providing them with uniquely tailored programmes that hone their skills both as * soloists, and as ensemble and orchestral players.

* To support the musical and pedagogical development of instrumental teachers across the country, bringing them into contact with the world’s leading musicians and musical pedagogues.

* To provide a musical centre of global stature at the heart of Israel’s capital, enriching the city and its residents through its world-class concert series.


Our Vision

Music has the ability to touch so uniquely and directly upon the very essence of human experience. To gain true, authentic mastery of its performance is a lifelong journey that, over and above innate ability, requires commitment, dedication, and humility.


The JMC seeks out those extraordinary young Israelis who wish to, and are capable of embarking upon this journey with us. Around such individuals, we create a musical community of peers and great masters that nurtures, supports and challenges them throughout their formative years and beyond; a community that is there again and again to encourage and remind these budding artists that there is always more to be understood, experienced, and communicated through the language of music.


Through this process of musical contact, these youngsters develop from promising talents into true musicians, who make artistic and interpretative choices knowingly and authentically, as part of an ongoing search for meaning and honest communication in music.



Mishkenot Sha'ananim, P.O. Box 4568, Jerusalem 9104402

Box Office: Sunday-Thursday 10:00-16:00 | Tel. 02-6241041

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