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Jewish Restaurants in Jerusalem


Jewish Restaurants

in City Center

Jerusalem's Jewish restaurants are home to some of the best comfort food around. For a taste of the old country, what could be better than sitting down to a steaming hot bowl of chicken soup?

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Jerusalem Jewish Restaurants

It might seem a little odd that Jerusalem's Jewish Restaurants are a little thin on the ground. That they are kosher should be taken for granted, but then so are the majority of eating establishments across the capital. So what do we mean by Jewish?  Let's be blunt, we mean Ashkenazi - good, hearty peasant food. Heimishe Essen and Deutsch are the two main proponents of this 'cuisine', which is heavy on the meat, onions and shmaltz (fat).

To be fair there are other options; tzimmes, a sweet carrot dish (sometimes served with raisins and spices), whitefish, chopped liver and chicken soup. Deutsch's fare is similar with kugel and kishke being familiar to both places.  However, Deutsch's is unofficially an all-male establishment as it is located in the ultra-orthodox neighborhood of Meah She'arim, where casual mixing between the sexes is at best frowned upon.



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