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With nearly 4,000 years of history, Jerusalem is its own historic site. The very walls and cobbled streets cry out with voices of the past - from Jewish kings, Roman garrisons, pilgrims, Crusaders, merchants, wrtiers and poets the historic sites of Jerusalem are there to be revealed to the interepid traveller

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Jerusalem Historic Sites

Jerusalem is awash with one of the highest concentrations of historic sites anywhere in the world - there is literary another piece of ancient or important history around every corner. It's even hard to know where to begin an explanation of the historic sites, let alone trying to use judicious selection to choose which ones to go to. These sites are part and parcel of the fabric of Jerusalem and they encompass and highlight the many thousands of years of civilization here and the different cultures that influenced the city that it is today. 

An unusual historic site for example is the British War Cemetery on Mount Scopus. Immaculately kept in keeping with British tradition of the maintenance of war graves, it is a poignant reminder of all those who gave their lives. If you are taking a visit to the Old City you will enter through one of the 8 magnificent gates alllow access.

It's difficult to identify a pecking order of importance but certainly the Jaffa Gate is one of the most imposing - and if you look closely you will be able to see the outline of a roof on the stone, a relic of its use as a location for market stalls in times gone by

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