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Shipudei Hatikva Restaurant

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Shipudei Hatikva is the largest meat restaurant chain in Israel, serving a large clientele of daily customers for over 30 years. The restaurant offers generous portions and features a rich meat menu, salads, kid meals, home-style dishes, and of course desserts to end off on a sweet note.


The new Jerusalem branch, which holds Beit Yosef Mehadrin Kashrut certification, invites you to enjoy an unforgettable experience in the heart of Jerusalem. The restaurant is spacious and includes an upper gallery which can host private events for up to 50 guests.


The restaurant enjoys a steady influx of Israelis as well as tourists, who wish to be treated to a first-hand authentic Israeli experience of Israeli-style meats, hot off the grill accompanied by a huge assortment of home-made salads and of course "lafot" (flat breads) straight from the taboun.


Shipudei Hatikva is *the* destination for a rich, satisfying meal, gracious service, and a pleasant, homey atmosphere.


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