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Like many of the establishments popping up in Mamilla, Jerusalem's new luxury playground, Joy seems to embody the two driving forces of life in the Holy City: reverence for the city's storied past and a restless cosmopolitanism that seeks to combine Jerusalem's native culture with flavors and attitudes from abroad.




The historical reverence is simple enough to see: Joy occupies part of the famous Stern House, where Zionist visionary Theodor Herzl stayed during his visit to Ottoman Jerusalem (a small onsite museum details the visit and history of the Stern House itself). And of course, it's hard not to notice the venerable walls of the Old City looming overhead.


The cosmopolitan comes across in the menu, a mehadrin meat affair focusing on Israeli-style comfort food, European bistro classics and Mediterranean specialties. Meals start with a taste of Morocco (cigars), France (pate), Italy (gnocchi) and other delicacies from around the Mediterranean basin, and main courses run from no-nonsense, no-frills chicken schnitzel, to bistro fare like entrecote, grilled spring chicken and cornish hen, and Middle Eastern favorites like lamb kabobs. And there's a full lineup of meaty burgers (both beef and lamb) and a couple fish selections. The newest addition to Joy's menu is a wide selection of quality sushi rolls, including Sushi Herzl, Sushi Rainbow, and many others.


Families spending the day shopping in Mamilla or touring the nearby Old City should be relieved, too: Joy offers a prix fixe kids menu with a few safe choices even the pickiest of pint-sized eaters would have trouble rejecting.


Joy's private rooms are also available for event bookings.

Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday, 12:00 to midnight; Friday, 12:00 until two hours before Shabbat; Saturday, from 1.5 hours after Shabbat until midnight


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