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  • HaTza'atzua - 4
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Jerusalem pub with the right vibe to fit your mood. Well, stop right there and look no further: The Toy Bar is the place for you. The Toy Bar is the Hottest Pub in Jerusalem. If you are a tourist or just new the city; perhaps you have lived here long enough to get to know all the regular watering holes. However, if you are in the mood for dancing and drinking and you’re wondering what do in Jerusalem, the Toy bar will provide you with an all-around experience, offering great music, beautiful people and alcohol at very reasonable prices. ; Plus, the Toy Bar regularly hosts parties for the city’s vibrant student crowd. Located conveniently in Du Nawas Street, right next to the beautiful old neighborhood of Nahalat Shivah, the Toy Bar is right in the center and easy to get from all directions.


The pub’s central location and its unique atmosphere make it as inviting as it is stylish. Since the Toy Bar was opened several years back has become a shining star in Jerusalem’s nightlife scene. A Lounge Bar and a Dance bar All at One Place; Pick Your Experience. The Toy Bar offers something for everyone. Do you feel like drinking with your friends? The top floor features a fashionable, pleasant and spacious bar where you can choose from a wide variety of drinks as well as some tasty snacks. Do you feel like mingling with the crowd and getting to know new people, come hang out at the lounge bar at the bottom floor, which features another great bar with quality drinks, a groovy atmosphere and comfy sofas. As the night progresses, the lounge bar turns into an upbeat dance bar, presided by the best local DJ’s Jerusalem has to offer. The best Jerusalem parties take place here, so make sure not to miss them.




Privet room: 


20-40.p / 50-300.p





Opening hours

Every night from 21:00 to the last costumer (close on Sunday, Friday from 22:00).


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