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The city of Jerusalem may be home to a larger-than-expected number of theaters and theatrical groups, but the undeniable crown of the capital's theater scene is the Jerusalem Theatre. It is housed in a palatial building with appealingly abstract modern architecture located in the middle of Talbieh, one of Jerusalem's loveliest – and ritziest – neighborhoods. The building contains four performance halls - the Sherover Theatre (950 seats), the Henry Crown Symphony Hall (750 seats), the Rebecca Crown Auditorium (450 seats) and the Little Theatre (110 seats) – as well as a dairy cafe (Cafe Bate'atron), a bookstore, large gallery spaces and more.


Oddly, the Jerusalem Theater has no house companies and produces no material of its own – but all major plays in Israel (and plenty of minor ones as well) appear on its stages. The theater is the home venue of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, as well as a popular site for outdoor jazz concerts during the warmer months. Independent films are frequently screened in the various theaters. Check the website for a full listing of upcoming events.

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