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Yellow Submarine

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Yellow Submarine (Tzolelet Tzehubah in Hebrew) performs two vital tasks: first, it proves that the Israeli nightlife crowd can come up with better names for their favored establishments than simply the street name and number; second, it serves as a center for the development and performance of underground, non-pop music in the city of Jerusalem.


Nestled among the drab warehouses and factories of Talpiot, Yellow Submarine nurtures musicians with rehearsal rooms and a recording studio, along with music classes, and then gives them a venue in which to demonstrate their chops. Styles of music range from modern rock and hardcore punk to salsa and avant-garde jazz, with just about everything in between. Performers range from upstart bands to well-established alternative artists, and performances run every night until the early hours of the morning. The Submarine also houses a bar for those who like a drink with their performances.

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