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Ask any Israeli native or food-appreciating immigrant what comes to mind first when they hear the name "Abu Ghosh." The answer will invariably be "hummus." Although the town of Abu Ghosh is notable for several things, especially the cordial relations its Arab population has maintained with the country's Jewish majority, the legendary status of its hummus has turned the town's name into a byword for the very highest quality in chickpea products.


But Israelis can never fully agree, so Abu Ghosh hummus devotees are split between whether the best hummus in town is at Abu Shukri or the Lebanese Restaurant. While the ultimate merits of one restaurant's hummus over the other's is a debate for another time, the Lebanese Restaurant, right by the town's entrance, is certainly easier to get to than Abu Shukri, which is a point in its favor. Besides the famous hummus, the menu serves a variety of affordable Arabic specialties, heavy on lamb, chicken and rice, to a crowd of Israelis, tourists and even locals.

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