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Opened in 2005 in a sizable lot located adjacent to the capital's defunct train station, and part of a growing restaurant/bar empire in the city, Colony has emerged as a Jerusalem hot spot, so much so that it has seduced other bars into planting themselves nearby and transforming the area into the city's most popular bar compound.


Colony certainly raises the bar, so to speak, of nightlife quality in the Holy City. It preserves the rough, industrial space and feel of the former oil hanger it took over by leaving the brick and metalwork, while wooden furniture and stained glass windows add warmth. The restaurant-lounge-bar is divided into four main components to offer something for everyone: a dining area, a sophisticated bar, a cushioned relaxation area, and upstairs seating area for more secluded feasting. Private party rooms seat up to 12 revelers, and 80 diners can take in the air on the balcony.


Dining options hew closely to the classy pan-Med style in vogue across Jerusalem, upscale versions of regional comfort food with plenty of smaller finger-food-style options for everyone dancing too hard to sit down for a minute. During the day, a variety of business lunch specials are on offer.


Colony is a favorite among foreign journalists, diplomats and Israeli government officials. The spot is considered by some a slice of Tel Aviv in Jerusalem, drawing the Jerusalem "branja" ("in" crowd) and ex-Jerusalemites that migrated to Israel's metropolis. Tuesdays feature live local bands starting at 22:30. Colony also specializes in hosting group events and celebrations for special occasions - ask the staff for booking information.


Getting to Colony can be a bit tricky - to reach the club from Beit Lechem St., walk down the small path next to the meeting of the old railroad tracks, 50 meters away from the Paz gas station.



Opening hours

7 Days a week, 12:00 until last customer

This week at Colony Restaurant


Colony hosts live music performances every Thursday night at 22:30 featuring rock ensembles, Israeli music, Jazz, Flamenco, and more. 

Entrance is 30 NIS, and advance reservations are recommended - call 02-672-9955.

For your convenience, Colony has a VIP private room available which can host up to 20 diners. The room includes an LCD screen for presentations and can be set up for lectures. Call 02-672-9955 for more information and orders.


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