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The beloved Jerusalemite poet Yehuda Amichai sagely remarked that “the air over Jerusalem is saturated with prayers and dreams, like the air over industrial cities. It’s hard to breathe.” So it's not surprising that even the most devoted of Jerusalem residents occasionally needs to leave the municipal boundaries in order to fill his lungs with something fresher than the somber weight of 4000 years of history. And while he's at it, he may as well eat too.

Enter Rama's Kitchen. Perched high up in the Judean Hills in Nataf, 15 minutes outside the city, the restaurant, usually open only two nights a week, offers stunning panoramic views of the piney mountains of Jerusalem and a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern menu, dominated by local produce, that perfectly fits the almost Biblical scenery. Lamb, seasoned with fresh herbs from the gardens around the restaurant, is a heavy hitter on the seasonal menu, which also features goose confit, chicken livers in balsamic vinegar and more.

Opening hours

Thursday 18:00 to Midnight; Friday 10:00 to Midnight

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