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Shalom Falafel

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Shalom Falafel is one of the mainstays of the Jerusalem falafel scene, with lines out the door and around the corner every day at lunchtime. The crowd consists of Nachlaot's charedim (ultra-Orthodox Jews) and hippie religious immigrants, families, downtown workers and whoever else can squeeze inside.

Standard fare is falafel in a pita or laffa (a large Iraqi pita, which they will insist you call eish tanur), stuffed with your choice of salads and so-so Yemenite-style falafel balls with an unusual bright golden interior.

Curiously, considering its reputation and its venerability, Shalom Falafel isn't exactly the best falafel in the city. It’s not that it's bad, just somewhat uninspired and perhaps undeserving of its reputation. If you’re in Nachlaot and have a falafel jones, it might be best to just get a little exercise and go to any one of the falafel stands lining Agrippas Street outside the shuk.

Incidentally, Shalom Falafel has expanded and opened a location downtown on Jaffa Street near the Municipality.

Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday, 10:00 to 22:00

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