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Agrippas Restaurant

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The area at the base of Agrippas Street where it meets King George is the quintessential west Jerusalem scene: a wide stone square with a ring of stone benches, bounded by a Mifal Hapayis (lottery) booth and always reliably full of an eclectic mix of Jerusalem's human and feline residents (though the felines often have the edge in numbers). Any such place deserves a cafe or two, and Agrippas fits the bill.


Distinguished by a sign written in Torah-scroll "flame" letters, as if the name Agrippas demanded the same sort of reverence attributed to the Five Books of Moses, it's a cozy – if fairly standard – entry into the bustling local cafe scene, always pumping out Israeli music at a volume that demands attention. Grab a spot at one of the outdoor tables if weather permits, as it does most of the year, or squeeze around the wood-topped bar. You'll find a standard choice of coffee and teas as well as plenty of liquors, should you want to mix and match; Agrippas is more bar than cafe at night. Light food is also served.

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