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Jewish Cultural Museum

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The Jewish Cultural Museum's stated goal is "to educate Jews and Gentiles about the world of Judaism, its intellectual wisdom, emotional growth and practical positive results," and "to help people find ways within the time hallowed Torah tradition to improve their health, wealth and relationships." If that doesn't sound to you like a museum devoted to a sober, clear-eyed study of ethnology and religion, well, it's not, but it's still interesting.


Part of a larger Orthodox Jewish cultural and tourist center, the Jewish Cultural Museum focuses largely on the history, development and practice of Kabbalah, although from a believer's perspective, not a historian's. Various exhibits explain the theological significance of the many styles of Orthodox Jewish attire, and others explore the practice of Kabbalah through the ages with displays of amulets, artifacts, holy books and rare manuscripts. Various pieces of art depicting Jewish religious life round out the collection.

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