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Theodor Herzl, all by himself, comprises a mighty portion of Israel's identity. In many ways a Zionist Moses, a radical dreamer who died on the verge of seeing his impossible dream fulfilled, Herzl's cult of personality looms so large that he, somewhat ahistorically, is single-handedly credited with the invention of the Zionist program. Jerusalem visitors wanting to get a unique and in-depth perspective on the complicated character that was Herzl can visit The Herzl Museum, a museum and educational institute dedicated to preserving Herzl's memory and spreading his message.


The four-room museum details Herzl's ideological evolution from a staunch Austro-Hungarian assimilationist to central figure of the modern Zionist era and the father of the State of Israel. The museum includes period documents and artifacts and complements its display with a live-action film featuring actor Lior Michaeli as Herzl.

  • Air conditioning
  • Kids friendly


Adults: 25 NIS per person

Children to age 6 - Free when accompanied by an adult

Children from age 6 / soldiers /students / senior citizens -  20 NIS per person

Youth and army groups (over 20 persons) - 15 NIS per person

Adult groups (over 20 persons) -  20 NIS per person

Opening Hours

Sunday to Thursday 8:45 to 15:15; Friday 8:45 to 12:15

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