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Rent A Bike in Jerusalem


You might think that riding a bike in Jerusalem isn’t the easiest thing to do. Well, you’re right. But there is a twist to the bike scene in Jerusalem. The previous Mayor Nir Barkat, understood the importance of creating a more friendly eco system for bikers and decided to improve the bike infrastructure in Jerusalem. Working together with the Jerusalem Development Authority and with the crucial support of the Gottesman Fund A new bike path was build during 2012, Known as Milton’s Way.


The Jerusalem Bike Path


The bike path starts from the entrance to the Yemin Moshe neighborhood and continues south around 6 miles all the way to the Biblical Zoo located in the Southwestern corner of Jerusalem. The construction of the bike path has been continuing in recent years and now connects the Pat Junction to the Valley of the Cross and Sacher Park which is adjacent to the Israeli Parliament (The Knesset). You can easily get from the Sacher Park to the light trains path and ride by the train all the way to the Old City of Jerusalem. This will bring you close to Yemin Moshe thus, creating a circuler bike path around all of Jerusalem’s famous sites and attractions. Another more moderate option is to ride south, through Jerusalem’s Hagihon bike tunnel to Beit Zait and Ein Karem.


The Smart Tour rentals center


Our center is located right on the Milton’s Way bike path in the First Station. The First Station compound is basically 


the old Jerusalem train station which connected Jerusalem and Jaffa. It Closed in 1997 and has been renovated to become a Culinary, Culture & Sport center.


We have a large variety of great city bikes as well as pedaling Gokarts for kids. After renting a bike you will get a free helmet and head out straight to the bike path… It is possible to book a bike tour as well. We added an amazing Sunrise Bike Tour to our tour options this year.

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  • Open on Saturday




The Jerusalem Tourism Map:

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