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The Plugat Hakotel museum

Pesach at the Beit Plugat HaKotel Museum at 04.04.2018

Until 04.04.2018


New in the Old City – the Beit Plugat HaKotel Museum – Festive Opening 


Eighty years after being closed by the British, Beit Plugat HaKotel is reopening!


The home of Tzierei Beitar (Beitar youth) during their fight against the British, the very walls of the museum tell the Jewish-Zionist story of the defenders of the Western Wall and the shofar blowers active in the Old City until 1948. Take an experiential journey as their story is brought to life by a movie depicting their incredible but nearly forgotten story.


From Sunday to Wednesday chol hamoed Pesach the museum will be open from 9:00-17:00 and on Thursday until 12:30. Advance registration required. 


In honor of the opening the admission fee is only 10 NIS! (Usually 20 NIS for adults; 15 NIS for children/senior citizens/disabilities/security forces


The Beit Plugat HaKotel Museum tells the heroic story of young members of the Beitar Movement who fought back against the tyranny of the British and the terror of the Arabs and sought to defend the Jewish community living in the Old City and the Jewish connection to the Western Wall. 


In response to the British attempt to severely curtail Jewish access to the Western Wall, these young members of Beitar took a stand. Strictly forbidden to do so by the British, every year at the end of the fast of Yom Kippur these young people would steal into the Western Wall and blow the shofar, risking imprisonment and worse if they were caught. Those who were caught were imprisoned for months under the harshest conditions. Despite this, they made sure that the shofar was blown each year from 1930 to 1948. In addition, as attacks on Jews in the Old City worsened, in 1937 Beitar decided to establish a defensive fighting unit (pluga) to provide security for Jews and ensure ongoing connection to the Western Wall. They established their headquarters, which was also their living quarters, in the building that now houses the museum. They lived here for 18 months, in ongoing and increasingly violent conflict with the surrounding Arabs and with the British, until the British raided the building and they were forcibly evicted and the house barricaded. Their activities served as the basis for the Etzel.  


The museum tells the little known story of the brave fighters of Plugat HaKotel, and the young Jewish boys who risked everything to preserve the Jewish heritage in Jerusalem. Visitors will experience the story from the early shofar blowers, through Plugat HaKotel, to the heroism of the Etzel fighters.


Admission: 20 NIS for adults; 15 NIS for children/senior citizens/disabilities/security forces)

Advance registration required.

Address: Beit Plugat HaKotel, Hayehudim Street corner of Plugat HaKotel Street, Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem

For more information and to make a reservation call the Begin Center 02-5652011



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