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The Tower of David Museum

Tower of David - Calendar of Events at 10.10.2017

Until 10.10.2017

Succot at the Tower of David


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, October 8-10, October between 11: 00-16: 00

Children free! Adult: 40 ₪. Space is limited, participation is subject to availability. Telephone inquiries and reservations: 2884 * and on


David’s Harp Musical Story Hour for the whole family (in Hebrew)

A musical journey following the enchanting courtyard instruments of King David's Palace. Get to know one of the most ancient musical instruments, hear stories, listen to the melodies and participate in singing and performing yourself!  Tomer Bachar will lead the band! Ages 4-10. Duration: 40 minutes.

Every hour on the hour between 11: 00-15: 00.


Become an Official Jerusalem Explorer! Puzzles and tasks around the Tower of David for the whole family (Hebrew and English)  You are invited to discover the secrets and mysteries left by Jerusalemites for thousands of years. Get to know the luxurious palaces of kings, the towers of the noble ladies and the brave warriors of the city’s walls.  If you get to the end -  you get a prize! Self-activity booklet for children aged 6-12. Allow about one hour and half


What do you see from 777 meters up high in Jerusalem? A Guided tour of the viewpoint from the Phasael Tower and throughout the citadel (in Hebrew) for all the family For thousands of years pilgrims have been coming to Jerusalem to the site of the Temple. Learn about the customs of pilgrimages and how the customs started, discover famous pilgrims and learn how the Jerusalemites got ready to host pilgrims from all over the world throughout the ages. The tour lasts an hour and a half. The tours start every hour from 10: 30 to 15:30.


Jerusalem Biennale of Contemporary Jewish Art 1 October -16 November 2017   This will be the third time that the Jerusalem's Biennale will be held and this year the theme is “watershed”. Lili Almon will show “Inner Space” and Avner Sher will show “Alternative Topography”. The Jerusalem Biennale explores the connection between contemporary art and Jewish roots, promoting professional artists and curators.


Project "50 Years, 50 Faces" hosts the songwriter Yossi Gizmo. Sunday, 10/08/17 16:00 

"50 Years, 50 Faces" is a unique project anniversary of Jerusalem's unification presents the various facets of the city through the people who lived during this momentous period in Jerusalem’s history.  Yossi Gizmo was part of the IDF orchestra at the time and wrote the song “The Kotel” in honor of its reunification. In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Six-Day War, Yossi Gizmo will perform at the Tower of David. Duration: 50 minutes


The Night Spectacular - for the whole family With the new first-to-be-used worldwide projectors, the Tower of David Museum is lit by 250,000 lumens and 33 million pixels!  As dusk embraces the ancient stones, the story of Jerusalem unfolds in breathtaking cinematography inside the Old City Walls at the Tower of David Museum.

Only 40 ₪  if participating in Succot activities. Advised to book tickets in advance. Book tickets on line



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