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Tower of David - Calendar of Events at 24.07.2017

Until 31.07.2017

Activities in English in July at the Tower of David Museum 


Family activities * Discovering the Citadel * Exploring Jerusalem’s history * Castle Madness * The Amazing Race * The Night Spectacular * The Ramparts Walk … all in English and a special price for Maccabiah participants!


Exploring Jerusalem with the experts:


Castle Madness: An interactive guided tour and a “meet” Herod face to face!

Herod, the greatest builder in Jewish history, was a controversial king known for his extravagant building projects, whose remnants remain to this day.

Despite his genius, Herod was a cruel ruler who suffered from paranoia and hallucinations that drove him mad and led him to murder his family, including his wife – Mariam the Hasmonean.


Join an actor and go back in time to discover Herod’s fascinating and multifaceted character; see the ruins of the structures that he built and learn about the story of Jerusalem under his reign.


Wednesdays (5.7, 12.7) at 10:00.

Advanced booking required. Not suitable for children.

Activity depends on a minimum number of participants


Family Activity: The Amazing Race

An experiential and challenging activity through the citadel. A competitive game about the decisive events that took place in Jerusalem and through the city’s many cultures and rulers.


Participants climb up the lookout towers, discover hidden passages, become acquainted with the features of the citadel and understand the complexity and importance of Jerusalem as a capital city and religious and cultural center.


The game requires creative thinking, riddle solving skills and the completion of tasks that lead to the treasure.


Tuesdays (4.7, 11.7, 18.7) 16:00-18:00

Advanced booking required

Activity depends on a minimum number of participants

For special Maccabiah 2017 Price, please call *2884


Family Adventures: The Lion and the Olive Tree An informative learning activity for the whole family


Discover the story of the Jewish people in Jerusalem and the impact of the symbol of the city on its history.


Through tales and stories learn about the Jewish tribes during the time of King David, the building of the city walls and the importance of the olive tree in Jewish history.

Recognize the vital role of symbols on the history of a people and their impact on the identity and the legacy of the Jewish people in Jerusalem.


Wednesdays (12.7, 19.7) from 16:00 – 18:00 and Saturdays from 10:30-12:30

Advanced booking required.


Activity depends on a minimum number of participants

For special Maccabiah 2017 Price, please call *2884


Hamsa Hamsa:


Traditions and superstitions from Biblical Times until modern day

Friday | July 21 | 10:00 am


The guided tour in English explores the customs and traditions of the Jews in Jerusalem throughout history. Which of the stories and beliefs that have been passed down from generation to generation have now become part of our everyday life in Jerusalem? How did the stories that accompanied the community during times of depression and persecution unite them and gave them validity and encouragement? The tours starts with the traditions and customs that came from bible days that relate to warding away demons and evil spirits and how over time the customs changed to keep away the evil eye from new born babies and pregnant mothers.


Guide: Chava Stein-Yosef

Price: 90 NIS for adults, 80 NIS for student / senior citizens (including entrance to Old Yishuv Court Museum)


Walk through Jerusalem’s history! 

A guided tour of the permanent exhibition of the history of Jerusalem


A comprehensive guided tour, including the panorama of both east and west Jerusalem from the Citadel’s towers, a visit to the Citadel guardrooms where the history of the city from the Canaanite period until the establishment of the State of Israel is presented, views of historical models depicting the city in different time periods and a tour of the Citadel itself and its archaeological artifacts.


Sundays-Thursdays at 11:00. Price of tour included in entrance fee.

Advanced booking recommended.

For special Maccabiah 2017 Price, please call *2884


King Herod’s Palace and the Kishle Excavations


Explore Jerusalem’s timeline and King Herod’s Palace with a tour from the top of King Herod’s Phasael Tower (and the spectacular views of Jerusalem), through the ancient water pools of King Herod’s palace in the moat of the citadel and into the excavations of the Kishle building to view the works of Jerusalem’s builders from King Hezekiah to Suleiman the Magnificent.


Fridays at 10:00. Price included in entrance fee.

Advanced booking recommended


The Night Spectacular


As dusk embraces the stones of the citadel, the story of Jerusalem comes to life with breathtaking images and sounds projected on the ancient walls of the Tower of David in the renowned Sound and Light show, The Night Spectacular.


Advanced booking recommended:

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays (10.7 ,11.7 ,12.7 ,11.7 ,17.7), Two shows nightly at 20:30 and 21:30

Saturdays evenings (8.7 ,15.7), Two shows nightly at 21:00 and 22:00

For special Maccabiah 2017 Price, please call *2884


Combined Ticket: The Tower of David and the Ramparts Walk


A special price to explore the 3000 year history of Jerusalem at the Tower of David Museum and to view the city from atop of the Old City Walls via a Ramparts Walk.

Open 7 Days a Week!

For special Maccabiah 2017 Price, please call *2884



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