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The Tower of David Museum

From Herod’s palace to British Prison at 31.12.2020

Until 31.12.2020

From Herod’s palace to British Prison


A tour of the Citadel Moat and the Kishle (in English)

English: Fridays | 10:00


A guided tour of both the Citadel moat and the” Kishle”, one of the most fascinating hidden spaces in the Tower of David Museum compound – an underground space that spans the history of Jerusalem. The tour will include the “Kishle” building which was built in 1834 by Ibrahim Pasha, the Egyptian ruler, and continued to serve as a military compound even after it was returned to Ottoman control in 1841. During the Mandatory period the building was used as a police station and prison, and pre-State underground Irgun members were imprisoned in its walls. During the archaeological excavations that took place there over the last decade a “timeline” of Jerusalem was discovered – finds from the First Temple Period, the remains of Herod’s palace and tanneries and dying pools from the Middle Ages. On the way, the tour goes through the south-western part of the moat of the fortress where unique and fascinating archaeological remains were uncovered.


Duration: Two hours


Price 45 NIS; Senior Citizen / Student 35 NIS

Reservation Center: *2884


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