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The Tower of David Museum

Jerusalem Day at 24.05.2017

Until 24.05.2017

The Tower of David Museum, the iconic symbol of the city of Jerusalem, and the physical meeting point between east and west and old and new, marks Jerusalem Day, Yom Yerusashalyim, and invites the general public to join Mayor Nir Barkat, visit the Tower of David and participate in a range of activities and tours free of charge.


Mayor Nir Barkat welcomes the general public. Free Entrance.

Opening of 50 Years 50 Faces

Children’s Activities. Guided Tours. Theatrical performances. Live Music


Wednesday, May.24 | 12:00-18:00 | free entrance | no pre-booking required

Join our Jerusalem Celebrations in the Citadel and meet the unforgettable characters, events and stories of Jerusalem past and present.


Meet King David, who while playing his harp will talk about his life and his journey from a shepherd boy to the King of Israel. Meet Solomon, the King that built the First Temple who will tell about the unforgettable visit of the Queen of Sheba and her entourage that brought fragrances and colors from a faraway land, and Herod – the great builder who designed and re-built Jerusalem. He and his wife, Miriam the Hasmonean, will talk about their life as a royal couple. Suleiman the Magnificent will make an unforgettable appearance to meet with one of the chief engineers of his court, and the first British governor, Herbert Samuel, will host a special tea party with Lord Balfour.  Abraham Suramlo will talk about life in Jerusalem in the late 20’s.


Who else is coming? There will be fascinating meetings with famous pilgrims, the paratroopers of the 66th regiment, the Machane Yehuda market merchants – all will tell about the amazing adventures and experiences they had here in Jerusalem

In addition, there will be:


·         Information and guiding stations about Jerusalem and the Tower of David

·         Food and drink stands

·         An imagination station where you can make your own medals with the symbol of the 50th anniversary of United Jerusalem and your own Jerusalem flag

·         The actors will speak in Hebrew.


The Mayor, Mr Nir Barkat will be present from 15:30 – 18:00.


Wednesday, May.24 | 17:00 | Official opening of 50 Years 50 Faces in the presence of Mr Nir Barkat, Mayor of Jerusalem, Ms Eilat Lieber, Director of the Tower of David Museum, Moshe Alfi, Director of 50 Years 50 Faces, participants of the project and the general public.


Tower of David Museum, tells the story of Jerusalem in many different ways, and in a rich documentary project has recorded the experience of 50 different faces of Jerusalem, as they describe in their own words their experience from 1967. Each of the residents living in the city at that time knows precisely where they were, just like other life-changing events, who they were with at that time, what they did, how they felt and what happened to their surroundings.


The Tower of David Museum turned to the residents of Jerusalem, from both the east and the west of the city and united them in "50 Years 50 Faces" that shows the complex and beautiful anthropological mosaic that makes up Jerusalem, and shows the many faces of the city as the momentous events of 1967 took place.  50 Years 50 Faces records the stories of 50 people, through written testimonies and film as they share with us their story both personal and private as well as national. Each one is unique. The documentary research, films and written narratives will be available for everyone to view from within the Tower of David Museum but also, excitingly, from a special website that has been created for 50 Years 50 Faces via 


Wednesday, May.24 | 10:00 - 17:00 | "50 years and Your Story" Come to the Tower of David Museum and record your own story that will be added to the 50 Years 50 Faces project on-line.


The general public is invited to send in their own short videos or written narratives in order to create a documented record of this historic week. They will be shown on-line in the 50 Years 50 Faces website.


Many Faces and 50:50

guided tours in English and Hebrew celebrating the different “faces” of Jerusalem


Jerusalem has many faces - cultures and religions in the city over the years have created a uniquely human variation in Jerusalem. 


The new series "Many Faces" (guided tours in Hebrew) allows you to get to know the story of the city and discover the fascinating stories of diverse communities living in Jerusalem. At every meeting in the series enters a different neighborhood or area of a city, and creates a dialogue with representatives of different communities giving the participant a glimpse into the life general hidden behind closed doors. The tours will take place on Thursdays at 17:00 and will take participants to such places as the families of Husseini and Nashashibi, two Palestinian families that led the Palestinian national movement in the late Ottoman period and the British Mandate period and still live in Jerusalem today; or to the Christian Ethiopian community that has its roots in Jerusalem from the 1st Century; or to the Belz Hassidic community; or to the Messianic Jewish community


"50 Years 50 Faces – MASAH” (guided tours in Hebrew) A series of meetings, tours and lectures about the events and people in Jerusalem between 1948-1967: from the days of a divided city through to the reunification of Jerusalem after 19 years. Political figures, music, sports, bohemian Jerusalem will be explored. From Levi Eshkol to Beitar Football supporters! For more information:


“Jerusalem Rebuilt”– Guided tours in English

Throughout different periods, Jerusalem has had many rulers and its history is interwoven with different religious journeys and new military might.  Each time, the rulers of the city left their marks on it, some of which remain to this day: citadels, churches, giant pools, great walls, mosques and wonders of the world. Three different tours will track the magnificent buildings from the days of Herod the Great until modern style architecture.  The “Many Faces” series offered in Hebrew will become available in English during the course of 2017. For more information:

Open Hours


Museum visit: 40 NIS | Night Spectacular: 55 NIS | combo ticket: 70 NIS

Children (until age 18): Museum visit: 18 NIS, Night Spectacular: 45 NIS, combo ticket: 55 NIS 

Students: Museum visit: 30 NIS, Night Spectacular: 45 NIS, combo ticket: 55 NIS

Soldiers: Museum visit: 20 NIS, Night Spectacular: 30 NIS, combo ticket: 40 NIS


The Jerusalem Tourism Map:

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