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The Tower of David Museum

Tower of David: Night Experiences at 31.12.2021

Until 31.12.2021

Night Experiences


The night shows at the Tower of David envelop you in a multi-sensory experience that combines the past and the present using the most advanced technologies in the world. Powerful laser projectors accompanied by high-quality sound combine to create a magical moment.


The walls of the citadel serve as a backdrop for the night performances and present a celebration of sights and sounds.  Screened among the archeological remains in the Citadel courtyard and to the sounds of original music, the story of the city of Jerusalem – in the Night Spectacular, and the story of KING DAVID in the King David show, come to life with breathtaking giant images.


The night performances use the art technique of trompe-l’œil to create an illusion whereby the giant stones and structures of the citadel transform into images that surround the viewer in a singular sensory experience. Innovative techniques and a sophisticated computer system that operates 20 projectors, 10 video players, 14 computers and 14 speakers are joined by 10 kilometers of cable and two screening rooms.


The Night Spectacular and the KING DAVID show are for everyone – Israelis and tourists, families, speakers of all languages – and all lovers of Jerusalem!


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