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Beit Avi Chai

Jerusalem of the Future at 25.06.2014

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Wednesday jun 25th

Jerusalem of the Future: The city as depicted in prophetic, apocalyptic and utopian literature

After six notable events in Russia, Eshkolot Festivals are now a must study program for university students and young professionals from the FSU. The Eshkolot Festival now comes to Jerusalem to examine and discover the unique power of the city as a fertile ground for prophecies and visions. Readings will include eschatological, mystical and utopian texts, from the Biblical prophets to the Zionistic visionaries. Three tracks will combine reading workshops with textual tours in Jerusalem.

The lectures open to the public free of charge:

The upper city of Jerusalem in the Aggada literature

Lecturer: Prof. Avigdor Shinan, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Wednesday | 27 Tammuz | June 25 | 3:00pm

Biblical Prophecies on Jerusalem

Lecturer: Prof. Yair Zakovitz , the Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Thursday | 28 Sivan | June 26 | 12:30pm

Three Batei Mikdash: Jerusalem in Ancient Jewish Mysticism

Lecturer: Prof. Rachel Elior , the Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Monday | 2 Tammuz | June 30 | 3:00pm

The lectures will be in Hebrew.

Entrance is free, subject to availability.

Tickets may be reserved in advance, details on page 2

Festival website (English):

Supported by: genesis + BEIT AVI CHAI + CAF



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