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Beit Avi Chai venue

Beit Avi Chai

The Shepherd’s Flute Shall Sing at 19.06.2014, 20:30

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Thursday jun 19th

The Shepherd’s Flute Shall Sing: New arrangements of Israeli shepherds’ and village songs from the beginning era of Israeli music

Thursday, June 19, 8:30 PM

The greatest hits of Matityahu Shalem, David Zahavi, Mordechai Zeira, Yosef Hadar, Sara Levi-Tanai, Nachum Nardi, Puah Greenspoon and Emanuel Zamir are revived through original arrangements adapted for an orchestra, created by students of the Arrangements Workshop, conducted by the Multi-disciplinary Singer’s Workshop and the “Lab” Orchestra, all belonging to the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

The performance presents an exciting collection of shepherds’ and village songs, including “The Rain has Passed”, “Song of the Fields”, “Well in the Field”, “The Flocks Drank”, “The Watchman’s Song”, “The Mule’s Debka” and more.

The songs will be accompanied by explanations and stories relating to the beginning of the Jewish agricultural settlement in Israel, as they served as a source for many songs and will include sources stemming from the Bible and local traditions.

Artistic director and facilitator: Prof. Michael Wolf Admission: 50 NIS; students: 20 NIS


The performance will be held in the BEIT AVI CHAI courtyard


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