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Khan Theater

March 2014 at Khanale at 31.03.2014

Until 31.03.2014

March 2014 at Khanale

Khanal'e, the Khan Theater's in house café-bar, hosts nightly live shows and jam sessions, with a focus on giving exposure to the next generation of local musicians.


March 9: Jane Doe – original folk/country in English.

March 10: Monday night Jazz at Khanale: Gipsy Alert

March 11: Shlomi Cohen live performing songs from his debut album “Yesh Me’ayin” (something from nothing) as well as new songs.

March 13: Kim Kider and the Ensemble – original Israeli folk in new arrangements. The material touches on personal issues such as self-acceptance, finding ones way in the world and relationship with the world around us.

March 20: Ronen Steinbaum – original songs mainly in English. Vocals and guitar: Ronen Steinbaum, percussion: Uriel Swerdin.

March 22: Taylor Made: The magnificent music of James Taylor with additional covers of other classic American musicians.

March 25: Dana Sasson and Avinoam Aton: jazz and covers

March 26: Women connect – Miya Bornstein and Shira Oren, two singer-songwriters, come together for a wonderful and enjoyable musical evening which emphasizes the similarities of two women that come from very different backgrounds.

March 29: Shiri Golan in an intimate acousitc show – original and well known songs in fascinating arrangements. Bass guitar: Ido Ran.

March 30: Avishai Borovsky – acoustic show

March 31: Monday Night Jazz at Khanale: Dan Cohen Trio


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