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Beit Avi Chai

The Wine Festival at Beit Avi Chai at 03.04.2014, 18:00-23:00

Until 03.04.2014

THE WINE FESTIVAL: In honour of Passover - the BEIT AVI CHAI Wine Festival.

Two days of celebrations during which you will be able to taste, learn, laugh, sing and also buy this “red red stuff”!


Wednesday and Thursday, Apr 2-3, 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM


All the events take place on both days at the same time.


The Wine Fair - 6:00 pm


Presentation by a variety of Israeli wineries.


Seder? What Seder? - 7:00 pm

A workshop for those hosting Seder services based on the four glasses of wine.

Just before Seder night, come and get reacquainted with the Haggadah, ask questions and hear ideas for conducting the Seder. This year, as part of the Wine Festival, we will focus on wine and its central roles in the Passover Seder: the four glasses and the fifth glass, wine songs, the Cup of Elijah and the Passover blessing over wine by Rabbi Sa'adia Gaon.

Preparation, hosting and pouring into your goblets: the lyricists Rabbi David Menachem and Prof. Avigdor Shinan, researcher of legend and Talmudic literature.


The Perach Adom Band on a Journey to the Taverns of Greece - 8:30 pm

A performance that will take you to the pubs and taverns of Greece and to the depths of the Greek blues.

In the program: Songs about wine in Hebrew and Greek together with authentic Greek Rembetiko classics.

Tomer Katz - bouzouki, vocals | Moshe Vaturi - kanun | Vera Bornstein - violin | Nimrod Azmon - guitar.


The Tavern - A Special Program for Wine and Drunkards - 9:00 pm

Does wine improve Jewish humour? Who was the drunkest Jew? What is the most recommended Jewish cure for a hangover? And what does Hershele do when he has no money to pay for a glass of brandy?

In order to finish all unleavened food before Passover, The Tavern opens the last bottle in the cellar and tells everyone about humour, Judaism and alcohol through songs, sketches and lots of “Lehayim”!

Special guest: Benny Bashan Entrance to the Wine Fair is free of charge. Price for a ticket of 5 wine tastings - NIS 30.


Price of "Seder? What Seder?": NIS 40, students: NIS 20. Duration of the workshop: two hours. Number of places limited.


Price of "Perach Adom" performance: NIS 40, students: NIS 20.


Price of "The Tavern" show: NIS 50, students: NIS 30. BEIT AVI CHAI Auditorium


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