Begin Heritage Center Jerusalem

Menachem Begin Heritage Center

Jerusalem Niggun Ensemble: Waiting for Morning at 27.02.2014

כללי - 21


Thursday feb 27th

Jerusalem Niggun Ensemble: Waiting for Morning


As part of their winter tour the Jerusalem Niggun Ensemble visits the Menachem Begin Heritage Center for a live performance featuring special guest Shem Tov Levi. The ensemble performs ancient melodies and piyyutim from Jerusalem as well as new and original material making for an uplifting musical experience.


Composer and musician Shem Tov Levi is one of the pioneers of ethnic music performance in Israel. Throughout his career he has collaborated with big names in Israeli music such as Arik Einstein, Yehudit Ravitz and Shlomo Gronich, in addition to releasing his own solo albums.


The show will take place on February 27, 2014 at 21:00. 

60 NIS


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