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Beit Avi Chai venue

Beit Avi Chai

Hebrew Jazz: New Interpretations of Great Israeli Songs at 20.01.2014, 21:00

Beit Avi Chai EVENTS - 12


Monday jan 20th

Beit Avi Chai presents "Hebrew Jazz": Leading Jazz Ensembles Connecting with Israeli Music


A fresh interpretation of the greatest Israeli songs. In every performance original arrangements of familiar and loved Hebrew songs will be performed, together with music written by the musicians.


Arrangement of the series and musical direction: Barak Weiss


Poppies: The Amit Friedman Sextet Performs the Songs of Moshe Vilensky

Monday ǀ 20.1 ǀ 9:00 PM


For six decades Vilensky composed more than 1,500 songs, including wild hora dances, Tel Aviv cabaret songs, refrains for the Nachal (military) troupe in its glory days, some of the greatest songs from the founding of Israel and children’s songs.


The saxophonist and composer Amit Friedman has been one of the leading names in Israeli jazz during the past decade, and his playing manages to be both virtuosic and exciting. Friedman’s melodic and communicative music is connected to the roots of Hebrew songs on the one hand and to the roots of jazz on the other.


Guest singer: Din Din Aviv


Amit Friedman - saxophone and arrangements ǀ Amos Hoffman - oud and guitar ǀ  

Katya Tubul - piano ǀ Gilad Abro - contrabass ǀ Amir Bresler - drums ǀ 

Roni Ivrin - percussion



The Delicate Hand: The Gilad Chatzav Trio in Tribute to Ofra Haza

Wednesday ǀ 12.2 ǀ 9:00 PM


Ofra Haza’s voice will always be remembered as one of the most wonderful in Hebrew song. On this, the thirteenth year of her passing, the Gilad Chatzav Trio will play fresh arrangements of some of the songs most identified with Haza, which became indisputable assets of Hebrew song, such as “Along the Sea”, “Naama”, “The Delicate Hand” and “If They Were Locked”.


The pianist and composer Gilad Chatzav, one of the most extraordinary young jazz pianists in Israel, combines in his playing the bebop tradition, Jewish music and Middle-Eastern music.


Guest singer: Faustina Sokolov


Gilad Chatzav - piano and arrangements ǀ Avri Borochov - contrabass ǀ Oded Aloni - percussion



There Were Nights: The Nadav Remez Quintet Performs the Greatest Songs of Esther Ofarim

Wednesday ǀ 26.2 ǀ 9:00 PM


Esther Ofarim is one of the most revered and loved singers of all times in Israel, and her international success has been a symbol and an icon for many singers who followed in her footsteps.


The guitarist and the composer Nadav Remez is one of the most promising voices on the jazz scene. His unique musical style has awakened the attention of audiences and critics worldwide and is described as spellbinding as a result of the combination of modern jazz, Hebrew songs, Jewish folk music and alternative rock.


Nadav Remez - guitar and arrangements ǀ Matan Chapnizka - saxophone

Nitai Hershkovits - piano ǀ Avri Borochov ¬- contrabass



Price: NIS 50, Students: NIS 20, price for three performances: NIS 120.

All the events will be broadcast live on the BEIT AVI CHAI website.



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