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Beit Avi Chai

Soaring Letters: An Exhibition of Paintings by Artist David Rakia at 28.02.2014

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Until 28.02.2014

Beit Avi Chai presents "Soaring Letters in David Rakia's Painting": An Exhibition of Paintings by Artist David Rakia


Curator: Alec Mishory


Upon his return to Israel after training in Paris, Jerusalem and the Jewish cultural tradition were the focus of interest for artist David Rakia (1928 Vienna - 2013 Jerusalem). The metaphoric image of “soaring letters” in the air, cited in the name of the exhibition, is derived from the last words of the martyr Hananiah Ben Teradion in the second century AD. Despite the fact that the Roman regime prohibited the study of the Torah, he continued to teach Torah openly, was captured, and cruelly executed; wrapped in the parchment of a Torah scroll he was burned at the stake. When his students asked him what he could see, he answered: “the parchment is burning and the letters are soaring...” The parchment, as a metaphor for man – perishes; however the letters, a symbol of wisdom, tradition and culture - last for all eternity.


Since the dawn of Jewish culture the letters of the Hebrew language are attributed mystical and sacred aspects, and there are those who see them as sacred letters. Jewish artists again started to relate to the Hebrew script in their works; thus too David Rakia, who hints of legends and folklore and sometimes deals with meta-language - in word play, double entendre and by popular expression of the theory of numbers.


Hebrew script is awarded a Jewish spiritual-mystical expression in David Rakia’s paintings; at the same time, Israeli characteristics can be discerned in them and they are “the Hebrew speakers”. 


Exhibition Opening Event

Monday ǀ 6.1 ǀ 8:00 PM



David Rosenson, Director of BEIT AVI CHAI

Family representative - Karin Rakia, the artist’s daughter

Lecture: Alec Mishory, exhibition curator




Tour-Story-Pictures in the Exhibition

 A Special Activity for Children and Parents


“Let’s visit all the letters, and tell you some tall tales” (Yehonatan Geffen)


The “Soaring Letters” exhibition gives us a special opportunity to engage with the Hebrew letters: to discover them on the walls of the gallery, to hear them in stories and even to create them ourselves.


A tour of the exhibition, a story and creative activity hosted by the storyteller Sarit Zussman.


Artistic director: Brachi Lifschitz


Wednesday ǀ 29.1 ǀ 4:30 PM

Wednesday ǀ 5.2 ǀ 4:30 PM



First child: NIS 20, Each additional child: NIS 10


Designed for ages 4-7

The activity is held in a small group, the number of participants is limited


Advance registration possible.



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