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The Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival

at 20.08.2013

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Tuesday aug 20th

The Jerusalem Season of Culture 2013 presents:

The Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival-An International Celebration of Music, August 20-23

The Jerusalem Festival of Sacred Music unites musicians and artists from Israel and abroad, from different and varied traditions, who come together in Jerusalem to rejoice in the concept of sanctity and imbue it with new relevance. It connects music with the holiest city in the world - a city in which holy sounds have been an intrinsic part of its soundtrack for thousands of years. It offers an egalitarian, multi-sensory experience that embraces all sacred traditions.

This summer, the festival will be extended to four days, with an even more exciting lineup of dozens of local and international performances, placing it in the top tier of the world's sacred music festivals. The festival will also include a number of original productions, as well as a unique mix of concerts, performances with audience participation, ceremonies, and meditative experiences.

The heart of the festival is the Tower of David. The audience is invited to enjoy a variety of performances within the walls of the Citadel. Come and share in the excitement of an unprecedented number of international and local performances including Salif Keita, "the Golden Voice of Africa", Amadou and Mariam (returning from a tour with U2), The Tractor's Revenge performing their own take on Ibn Ezra, the Ras-Sinai Project and more.

One of the highlights of the festival is the 'White Night' at the Tower of David when the entire compound is open until dawn and host to dozens of artists, musicians, sorcerers, ritual makers, and worshippers for a cross-borders and cross-cultural experience.

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