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The Israel Festival

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The Israel Festival at 23.05.2013

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Thursday may 23rd

The Israel Festival 2013: four weeks of performances by performers from Israel and abroad!

23.05.2013 - 26.06.2013

The Israel Festival is the largest and most important international arts and cultural festival in the land and has chosen Jerusalem as its eternal home (save for a few scattered events in other cities). The Festival, now in its 52st year, runs for several weeks and features high-end theater, music, and dance performances in various venues around Jerusalem. The Festival is honored to host artists from many countries including Israel, the Unites States, Japan, China, Czech Republic, Chile, Denmark, Russia, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, Italy, England, Austria, Georgia, France, Ireland and Greece.

This year, the festival's directors chose to focus on Jerusalem's enchanted sites and venues, many of which boast hundreds and in some cases, thousands of years of history, and to favor holding performances in alternative spaces in place of conventional theater halls. Hansen Hospital, which will soon be open to the public as an interdisciplinary cultural center, joins the list of places to host festival performances this year. Other participating venues include the Tower of David Museum, The First Station at the Old Train Station, Sultan's Pool, the Ein Kerem neighborhood, Mamilla, the Ben Shetah pedestrian mall, the Gerard Bechar Center, the YMCA, Beit Shmuel, and the Jerusalem Theatre. A large percentage of the festival will take place on the weekends to allow visitors to spend several consecutive days in Jerusalem and at the festival, with discounted packages available.

The festival will begin and end with two musical performances which mark a forty year span in the Israeli musical soundtrack.

Renowned pianist and musician Shlomi Shaban kicks off the festival at the First Station on May 23, accompanied by the Super Group ensemble, performing new material from his soon-to-be released album as well as well-known classics in new arrangements. Joining him for the performance are Asaf Avidan, Berry Sakharof, and Ninette Taeb, who will perform both together and individually.

The festival will end off with three performances by the mythological "Kaveret" ensemble on June 19, 20 and 22 at Sultan's Pool. The performance marks forty years since the release of the "Sipurei Poogy" album and has generated unbelievable excitement and anticipation among the Israeli public. 

Click below for the full festival schedule in each artistic discipline. For more information about the festival and to order tickets visit the festival's official website.


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