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The Israel Festival 2012 in Jerusalem: Jazz

The Israel Festival 2012 in Jerusalem: Jazz at 23.05.2012

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Wednesday may 23rd

The Israel Festival 2012: four weeks of performances by performers from Israel and abroad!

23.05.2012 - 14.06.2012


The Israel Festival is the largest and most important international arts and cultural festival in the land and has chosen Jerusalem as its eternal home (save for a few scattered events in other cities). 

For more information about the festival and to order tickets visit the festival's official website.

Jazz Performances:

Sheila Jordan and Freinds: A Tribute to Sheila Jordan
Sheila Jordan
31.5.2012 | 21:00 | The Henry Crown Concert Hall

This performance was made possible through the generous support of the U.S. Embassy

The singer Sheila Jordan has won audience acclaim for her uncompromising style and deep, penetrating voice.

She has been awarded important prizes, including the 2008 Mary Lou Williams Award for her life achievements as a Jazz musician. This year, she was awarded the National Endowment for the Arts Prize.

This award is the highest form of acknowledgment received by jazz artists. Every year since 1982, the NEA has been awarding it to living jazz legends who have made an outstanding contribution to the promotion of this musical style.

In honor of this prestigious award, the Israel Festival is presenting this tribute to Sheila Jordan, featuring Jordan herself and a fascinating ensemble of Israeli artists in a special performance.

Sheila Jordan will be accompanied by an ensemble of Israeli musicians, including:
Assaf Hakimi, Yaki Levi, Yonatan Voltzok, and Tomer Bar.

Staff Benda Bilili
14.6.2012 | 20:30 | The Jerusalem Theatre, Sherover Hall

Drums: Montana Kinunu Ntunu
Vocals: Coco Ngambali Yakala, Djunana Tanga Suele, Leon Likabu Makodu, Roger Landu Satonge, Kabose Kabamba Kasongo, Cavalier Kiara Mayingi,Theophile, Amalphi Ketikila Massamba
Guitar: Coco, Theophile Nsituvuidi Nzonza, Amalphi Ketikila Massamba
Bass: Cavalier Kiara Mayingi
Percussions: Randy Makana Kalambayi
Manager: Michael Winter
Bass: Cavalier Kiara Mayingi
Sound: Guillaume (Nicolas) Carpentier
Lighting: Isabelle van Oost

Staff Benda Bilili is considered to be one of the greatest and most moving international success stories of the past two years. This former group of street musicians used to perform at the entrance to the Kinshasa zoo. Since then they have become a world-renowned group and an unstoppable force devoted to the creation of astoundingly powerful and beautiful music. Despite their physical disabilities, they have gained international acclaim thanks to their unique style, which combines sweeping Rumba music, guitars, and a rhythmic ensemble.

The year 2009 was a turning point for this group, when their album "Trés Trés Fort" was warmly received by Europe, which led to a much-publicized tour that same year.

This unique tour received enthusiastic reviews and non-stop media attention, and a documentary film about the group, which was screened in September 2011.

The group has also received numerous international prizes, and has participated in important international festivals. Their music is not only cool and rhythmic, but also touches upon their everyday life. The music provides a universally relevant message: "A disability is not necessarily physical, but may be most incapacitating in the realm of our thoughts."

This group's unique name carries a message that is no less important, meaning: "Bring what is hidden to the forefront." The physical disabilities shared by all members of this group cannot be concealed. Quite on the contrary, these musicians bring them to center stage.

The group will perform in Jerusalem on June 14, 2012, as a special guest of the Israel Festival, Zamid Festival, and Shekel - Community Service for People with Special Needs.


The Voice will be Speaking - she'hakol nih'ye bidvaro
3.6.2012 | 20:30 | Tower Of David

This concert brings together traditional liturgical music and original liturgical compositions, and includes a unique combination of music from various Jewish communities originating in Yemen, Persia, Eastern Europe, Andalusia, and Iraq.

A group of ten musicians will accompany performers who are members of these different communities, under the artistic direction of Arik Rudich

This performance will take place at the foot of the Tower of David, and will combine modern music (rock, jazz, and electronic music) with authentic ethnic music.


The John Scofield Quartet
John Scofield
4.6.2012 | 21:30 | The Jerusalem Theatre, Sherover Hall

This performance was made possible through the generous support of the U.S. Embassy


John Scofield is considered to be one of the most influential Jazz musicians of the last four decades. His music is said to possess a unique sound, and he is a master improviser. In his youth, he played with Chet Baker and Gerry Mulligan. He later joined Billy Cobham and George Duke's band, recorded with Charles Mingus, and was a member of the Garry Burton Quartet.

Scofield launched his international career as a soloist in 1978. Between 1982 and 1985, he recorded and performed with Miles Davis. Those three years of playing with Davis led to his international acclaim as a composer and musician.

Scofield has since led numerous jazz bands, and has recorded over 30 albums as lead musician, including collaborations with prominent artists such as Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden, Eddie Harris, Bill Frisell, Joe Lovano, and others. He has recorded and played with Tony Williams, Jim Hall, Ron Carter, Herbie Hancock, Joe Henderson, and many other jazz legends.

For this performance at the Israel Festival, he will be joined by the following musicians: Mike Eckroth, piano; Ben Street, bass; Bill Stewart, drummer and composer

Duration of Performance: 90 minutes, without intermission


Jaroslav Jakubovic and friends
Jaroslav Jakubovic and friends
5.6.2012 | 23:30 | The Sherover Foyer
8.6.2012 | Ben-Shetach Boardwalk

The Famous Jaroslav Jakubovic in an open to the public concert in the framework of the Jazz Club with singer Berenika KOHOUTOV & the trombonist Peter PALESNIK from the Czech Republic and from Israel - Arad YEINI (Trumpet), Moran BARON (Trombone), Adi RENERT (Keyboards), Israel NACHUM (Drums) and Zur BEN ZEEV (Bass).

The event is part of Days Prague


Various venues around Jerusalem.

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