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Jerusalem Season of Culture

Jerusalem Season of Culture at 24.07.2014

Until 31.12.2014

The Jerusalem Season of Culture 2014: July-September 2014

The Jerusalem Season of Culture was initiated by a group of artists, producers, managers, and most importantly, dreamers, who dream of creating series of unique cultural events in the most beautiful, complicated city in the world: Jerusalem. The festival boasts a series of multidisciplinary events over the span of two months, including dance, art, music, performance art, literary events, and more.

The festival runs throughout the summer months and features a variety of festivals, attractionsand activities including Foodtrip-a traveling food truck, The In House Festival, Contact Point-a fun and fascinating evening at the Israel Museum, the Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival and more.

The Jerusalem Season of Culture was initiated by the Schusterman Foundation-Israel in cooperation with the Jerusalem Municipality, the Jerusalem Foundation, and a dedicated group of founding funders.

Click here to visit the festival's official website for more information and the full festival schedule, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.




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