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Jerusalem is home to several impressive venues and you should try and make time to see some of them during your stay. There are a few galleries in Jerusalem, some with permanent exhibits and others that change, in addition to museums and cultural institute. Find out here about Jerusalem's venues and enjoy the wide and varied cultural offerings that are just waiting to be discovered

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Jerusalem Venues

Jerusalem houses a plethora of venues and you should check out as many of them as you possibly can during your stay. Jerusalem is a capital of culture, history and art and as such its venues clearly reflect its position. There are exhibits in galleries (with many being free to the public), such as at Heichal Shlomo (next to the Great Synagogue), Beit Avi Chai on King George St, who have a designated gallery space where you can see interactive and more traditional exhibits of an aspect of Jewish cultural or religious life. 

Further north, there is small gallery in the photography school in Musrara. There are some permanent exhibitions in Jerusalem (frequently in museums), but they will often have exhibits that are based around a specific topic and these will be more temporary. This is true of the big museums, in particular Yad Vashem, whose main Holocaust exhibits are fixed and permanent, but whose fascinating art museum is subject to change. A slightly unsual venue but well worth the trip, are the stained-glass Chagall windows housed at Hadassah Hospital in Ein Kerem

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