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Mediterranean Restaurants in Jerusalem


Mediterranean Restaurants

in City Center

Jerusalem's Mediterranean restaurants are food havens of all the various local food cultures that make up the cuisine here. You could make a taste-tour of the region just by trying dishes in each of these outsanding places

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Jerusalem Mediterranean Restaurants
Jerusalem's Mediterranean restaurants take inspiration from many different sources. When one thinks of Mediterranean food, one dreams of fresh seasonal locally sourced produce, fresh fish, great cuts of meat and salads bursting with the energy of the sun and flavor of the earth. We can promise that you won't be disappoint on this front. With both extensive food menus and delicious wine lists the chefs in these restaurants provide you with a feeling that they have just stepped outside and picked the herbs fresh, which in some notable cases they have.

The empahsis is on simplicity and clean unpretentious food that is just a sheer delight. It's also easy on the palate, with vegetables and sutble olive oils bursting with flavor and aroma there is no need for those additives and fatty products that take away from the taste and unnecessary calories to the food. You'll be astounded by the variety of Jerusalem's Mediterranean restaurants, which more often than not give an Israeli/Middle Eastern twist, and also the range of foods on offer.  There will truly be something delightful to suit every palate


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