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Jerusalem's thriving social and cultural life is centred around its abundance of cafes. Whether you are looking for sandwiches, salads, soups or just coffee, cake or a cookie all your possible desires can be located here

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Jerusalem Cafes
Jerusalem's Cafe scene is one of the most remarkable aspects of the culinary life of the city. Israelis and Jerusalemites love their food and the abundance of cafes ensures that unless you have a particular favorite haunt, it could be some time until you try the same place twice. Having said that with such varied menus it would be hard to feel that you really knew a cafe until you had returned several times and tried as many items on the menu as possible.

Jerusalem's Cafes don't quite have the feel of say an equivalent in Italy where you might literally just drink an espresso and eat a biscotti standing up, they have a very different feel to them. Still, Israelis of all religions and backgrounds love their coffee and they know the best quality when they smell it and demand that it's served in cafes - and the lack of a single Starbucks is something that the traveller will notice.

The range of cafes is as broad as imaginable; cafes with bakeries attached to them so that you can (usually) sit with a cup and a croissant or boureka, such as at Duvshanit in Katamon or Jaffars Sweets in the Old City to the availability of extensive menus including; soups, salads, sandwiches, bagels and desserts - available at cafes such as Cup O' Joe in the City Center or Kalo in Baka.


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