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Asian Restaurants in Jerusalem


Asian Restaurants

in Rechavia

Discover the exotic flavor of Asian Restaurants in Jerusalem. Whether you are looking for lip-smacking sushi, a plethora of noodles, steamed Dim-Sum or Chinese chicken soup, then look no further - it's all here

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Jerusalem Asian Restaurants
The number and variety of Jerusalem's Asian Restaurants has exploded exponentially over the last few years. Israelis love to travel and especially to South East Asia and the food now available on Jerusalem's streets is but a reflection of this global trend. Being Jerusalem and with a large contingent of religious people for whom kashrut is important, most Asian restaurants impart a kosher spin on their food, though Mandarin with traditional items such as pork and shrimp is a notable and long-standing exception.

There is still a huge variety of dishes; including meat, chicken, duck, fish and of course a plethora of vegetables - so Jerusalem's Asian Restaurants do not lack for variety within their menus. So too with the restaurants themselves, who cater for a variety of budgets from the top-end Sheyan in the upscale neighborhood of Rechavia, to Corusin located in the Malha Mall.

Sushi still retains its place in Jerusalem at least as the most abundantly available Asian cuisine with most restaurants importing chefs from South East Asia with years of experience, who give the whole dining experience such an authentic feel. The key word to describe the Jerusalem Asian Restaurant feel is 'fusion'. The most successful of them blend traditional Asian produce and recipes and make it appropriate to the palates of the Middle East, which is especially true of the Leonardo Plaza Sushi Bar.


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