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Wedged into the intersection of Jerusalem's always-bustling booze-for-kiddies nightlife district (Rivlin Street) and one of its finest restaurant districts (the area of Ben Shetach, Shlomtzion Hamalka and Ben Sira streets) you'll find Grill Bar, one of those helpfully, if uncreatively, named Israeli restaurants that reveals the general theme of its menu with its name alone.


Done up in a minimalist black-and-white décor of chunky dark wood tables and pale walls, Grill Bar aspires to the level of the internationally flavored, chef-centered gourmet restaurants which surround it (Rivlin, Terra, Katy's, etc,), but doesn't quite get there. This often sparsely populated restaurant serves up what its name might lead you to believe: a meat menu with an emphasis on meats cooked on the grill, and a full bar. Meat choices include several varieties of steak including Israel's favorite cut of meat, entrecote, and the menu also incorporates salads, soups and desserts.

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