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Safra Square

Welcome to Safra Square

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The broad, palm-lined expanse of Safra Square (Kikar Safra) relates a certain sense of grandeur befitting the headquarters of our 3000-year-old city, an evocation of the power and responsibility of a municipal government. Say what you will about the policies canonized within, Jerusalem's City Hall is certainly nice to look at. Located almost on top of the pre-1967 seam line in an effort to be accessible to Jerusalemites from both the eastern and western parts of town, the plaza is home to the beating heart of Jerusalem decision-making, the vintage 1990s Municipality building, as well as the city's courthouse and multiple historical buildings from the British Mandatory period now used mostly as office space. A platform at the far end of the square affords a nice view of Mount Scopus and northern Jerusalem.


The square itself, a plaza-courtyard with a large stage, is often used for prominent public events, including concerts, open folk dancing sessions, the mayor's sukka and the yearly street basketball festival. The Municipality often organizes tours; call for details.

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