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The World According to Alon

The World According to Alon at 04.06.2013

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Tuesday jun 4th

The Gerard Bechar Center presents "The World According to Alon", as part of the Tsamid Festival.

June 4, 2013 at 17:00

30 NIS

For ages 7-13.

This captivating performance tells the story of Alon, an autistic boy who decides to leave his boarding school and return home, with the best of intentions and big dreams, two weeks before the end of the school year, in order to join the regular fifth grade class in his neighborhood. The encounter between Alon and his new surroundings is charged, emotional, amusing, and occasionally impossible.

The performance shows the audience how the community receives someone who is different. What happens to Alon, what happens to his younger brother, how does his single mother cope with the situation, and what do the neighbors say??

With his original way of thinking and his unique plans Alon manages to charm those around him, and the audience. Of course, there are teary moments, but there are also many moments of laughter. The emotional show forces everyone to engage in introspection and ask themselves to reexamine how they treat others.


Bezalel St. 11


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