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Winter 2012-13 Fridays at the Biblical Zoo: Live Music, Elephants, and Guided Animal Feedings

Winter 2012-13 Fridays at the Biblical Zoo: Live Music, Elephants, and Guided Animal Feedings at 16.11.2012

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Friday nov 16th

This winter, the Biblical Zoo presents a slew of events for the whole family, including musical performances, encounters with animals, animal shows and feedings, and more.

Friday tunes: Light music for the whole family on Fridays between 12:30 and 15:00in the entrance plaza.

November 2012: From the Beatles to Simon and Garfunkel with "Pritzat Disk"

December 2012: Rock and Swing with SHEROCK

January 2013: Light Jazz and Swing with "Head to Head" Band

February 2013: Dixie with authentic instruments by "Dr. Jazz"

March 2013: World music with a touch of tradition by Taltana

Encounters with Elephants:

The encounters will take place every friday at 13:30 and include:
*An elephant show
*Elephant feedings - feed the elephants straight from your hands
*Participate in a raffle to win an elephant ride! Tickets - 1 NIS. All proceeds go to the Lamphang elephant hospital in Thailand.

Slithering along:
learn about reptiles at a guided booth. Every Friday from 11:30-15:00.

Guided animal feedings on Fridays and Saturdays
11:00 AM Bears
11:30 AM Chimpanzees
11:45 AM Penguins
12:30 PM Elephant training
1:30 PM Meerkats at the Under Ground World exhibit
3:00 PM Ibex at the entrance to the Bible Land Reserve
3:30 PM Kangaroos at the Australian Yard
4:00 PM at Lemur Land

Meet & Pet:
Get to know the animals at the Living House.
At 11:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 1:00 PM, and 2:00 PM
The petting zoo for goats and sheep is open to the public throughout the day.

Living in Africa: 
An information station on the wild animals and herbivores living in Africa
The station will be open between the hours of 11:00 AM - 2:30 PM next to the Wet Side Story exhibit.

All events are weather dependant.

For more information call 02-675-0111


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