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September 2013 at the Bloomfield Science Museum: Last Call for Monsters University

September 2013 at the Bloomfield Science Museum: Last Call for Monsters University at 08.09.2013

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Sunday sep 8th

Kids are invited to enter a world of monsters at the Bloomfield Science Museum, inspired by the new Disney movie "Monsters University." The workshop will be offered throughout September 2013. On school days it will be open in the afternoon, while on school vacation days it will be offered all day long.

Monsters University workshop: The workshop will be held in a space whose design is inspired by our favorite monsters from the movie 'Monsters University'. Parents and children are invited to a creative, educational, and fun workshop. Learn to make 3D figures of Mike and Sulli, check out the Light and Shadow exhibit and make new and interesting discoveries, and have your picture taken in front of a unique wall on which the characters from the movie will be displayed.

After the workshop, you'll take your creations home as souvenirs, but first - take the figures you made in the workshop and try them out at four stations:

1) Blow up/shrink the shadow: when the figure comes closer to/moves farther away from the shadow's origin
2) The shadow's movement: what happens to the shadow when the light source moves?
3) The shadow revolves: what happens when you revolve the figure?
4) Colorful shadow: what happens when we light up the shadow using multi-colored light sources?

"Monster in Jerusalem" Performance:
The silhouette performance which will be shown in the museum's auditorium. Jerusalem's street statues come to life in a fascinating summer performance. With the help of our imagination, the hero animates dozens of well-known Jerusalem statues: 'The Monster', Noa the Frog, the 3 Graces, two yellow sheep and more. Deep inside the clay, metal or bronze are hidden stories that come to life in the imagination of a young child. The statues talk, sing and eat in the shade of Kadishman's Trees. They all come to life in an enchanted tale of will power, imagination, friendship, curiosity, and resourcefulness.

Click here for direct ticket orders with no handeling fee on the museum's website.

NOTE: Sukkot holiday activities will take place between September 15-26th, for special opening hours during the holiday period please click here.

Images courtesy of the Bloomfield Science Museum

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