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Machol Shalem Dance House

The Jerusalem International Dance Week at 03.12.2014

Until 03.12.2014





Friday November 28



Karnaf Hall


11:30 AM First Segment

Atom by Kazuyo Shionoieri, Oded Zadok, Israel

Golem Couple by Mariko Kakizaki, Japan

Maria Addolorata by Carlo Massari, Italy

BodyMagic by Ido Batash, Israel



1:00 PM: Second Segment

The Red Purse by Miguel G font, Spain

P = mg by Jann Gallois, France

NOMADS  by Nobuyoshi Asai, Japan

Transparent Borders by Sharon Vazanna



Saturday November 29



Karnaf Hall 8:30 PM 

The International Choreography Competition Finals – The Four Chosen Choreographies

The International Dance Competition Awards Ceremony


The winners of the competition will be announced at the end of the evening. The prizes of 4,000, 2,800, and 1,800 Dollars were generously donated by the Oregon-Israel Business Alliance and the Einhorn Family Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego.



Sunday November 30



Karnaf Hall 7:00 PM


White piece by Sofia Krantz

Backbone by Anat Cederbaum

Interviews by Idan Sharabi  

Original productions for Machol Shalem Festival 2014



Beit Mazia 9:00 PM 

The Holycoaster’(s)HIT Circus by Ruby Edelman and Sascha Engel. 

Machol Shalem Dance House Production in cooperation with the PENG! Palast group, Switzerland



Monday December 1



The First Station 11:00 AM


Conflict and Coexistence in Jerusalem


The talk will provide an overview about the city of Jerusalem, including socio-demographic data, communities residing in the city, and geo-political aspects. Special emphasis will be given to the complicated and delicate reality of East Jerusalem, and the fragile relationship between Jews and Arabs living in the city.


Free Admission


Gerard Bechar Center 4:00 PM



“Pi” Created by Gitty Porgesz - Carmia Dance Company


"Pi" was born from internal movement. From nature. From the infinite came the finite. Pi was created as a new life that was growing within me, while I was expecting my child. As my baby grew inside, my movement of creativity grew just the same."


4:30 PM




Beggars' March by Idan Porges


A segment from a new work that will be performed as part of Mifal Hapayis’s “B’Ikvot” project, January 2015, inspired by the work “The White Death” by Ruth Ziv Ayal, 1981.

Choreographer: Ronen Yitzhaki



Choreographers and dancers from a broad spectrum of connectedness to Judaism will present diverse opinions and experiences related to issues that arise when choreographing and producing dance within the religious milieu.


 A glimpse into the special connection between the spiritual world in the domain of corporeal art and modern dance. The learning and panel session, in which choreographers, dancers, and members of the public will participate, will be conducted in English by the Rabbi Maoz Kahana.



Gerard Bechar Center 7:00 PM

YouMake ReMake by Renana Raz



Karnaf Hall 9:00 PM

ANU ("We") by Michal Herman

MUSTER by Shlomi Bitton

Tragic Magic by Yoav Grinberg


Original productions for Machol Shalem Festival 2014



Tuesday December 2



7:00 PM

Beit Mazia 

De La Alhamra by Sewar Ebelini

Bread and Circuses Blood by Ido Batash

I Can See Them Coming by Merav Dagan


8:00 PM

Museum on the Seam 


Choreography and concept: Rachel Erdos

2014 Machol Shalem Festival Production 



8:30 PM

Gerard Bechar Center


Heroes Choreography & Performance: Oded Graf, Yossi Berg



The announcement of the choreographer selected by the Zawirowania Theater, who will participate in the 2015 Zawirowania Festival , Warsaw.



Wednesday December 3



French Institute 7:00 PM 


A panel will discuss the differences between models of government support in culture with Mr. Laurent Van Kote, Ministry of Culture, France


THE FIRST STATION- free worksohps and performances- all throughout the Dance Week.


For more information AND TICKETS: 053-3358210

For more information about Machol Shalem Dance House performances and tickets please visit our site:



Artistic Direction: Ofra Idel and Ruby Edelman 

Artistic Direction House Productions: Oded Graf

Artistic Committee – International Choreography Competition:  


Moshe Shechter Avshalom Israel

Hagit Yakira England

Ziv Frenkel Germany

Romain GuionGermany



Artistic Committee – International  Jerusalem Exposure 

 Shir Hacham  

Nira Trifon

Yael Nahari Shefer

Anat Shamgar


Production: Machol Shalem Dance House

External Relations and Production Management: Katherina Vasiliadis 

Marketing: Anat Asudi

Graphic Design: Bio-media

Image: Gaya's Music Photos

PR: Lina Ballas PR and Communication

Sales Management: Efrat Ochayon

Legal Advice: Gilead Sher & Co. Law Offices 



We wish to thank the following individuals and organizations: 

Raphael Gamzou, Rachel Nir – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ofer Berkovitch , Shemi Amsalem ,Eyal Ezri, Nava Dissentshik, Yossi Sharabi, Milka Borenstin, – The Jerusalem Municipality

 The Jerusalem Foundation

Keren Karmel, Karin Daniel – The Ministry of Culture and Sports

Shlomo Levi , Shelly Lankri and Shimon Levi – The Canada House

Sari Manor

 Ruth Cummings and Nirit Roessler – JCU

 Sigalit Gelfand, Or Dekalo – The Choreographers Association 

Bentzi Bitran – The Gerard Behar Center

The Harold Edelstein Foundation

Uwe Kaestner and Romain Guion – LUCKY TRIMMER


Rachel Salant, Dr. Nira Kfir, Hadassa Ben Itto, Machneyooda


Special thanks to Sagit Klapholtz. 

Thanks to the Machol Shalem Association Board Members:

Chairman, Eytan Ronel, Dafna Efron, Rosy (Steve Rosenberg), Gilah Kahn-Hoffmann

Audit Committee: Attorney Betty Nulman, Roee Metzer



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