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Sheva Prayer: The Yemen Blues host Shai Tzabari at 12.05.2014

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Monday may 12th

Sheva Prayer: The Yemen Blues host Shai Tzabari

Monday, May 12, 9:00 PM

Ravid Kahalani and the Yemen Blues in a musical journey to Africa, to the piyyutim and centuries-old prayers from Yemen, Ethiopia, and primarily from the traditions shared by both.

The performance will present new arrangements of sacred songs and prayers, derived from original sounds and melodies that combine rare materials uncovered through a fascinating musical investigation. The journey begins somewhere in the dark continent and concludes with the unique and contemporary sounds of original music of the Yemen Blues ensemble.

The performance will host Kessim, leaders of the Jewish Ethiopian community.

Admission: 60 NIS; students: 20 NIS.



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