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Beit Avi Chai venue

Beit Avi Chai

Lunar Legends: Monthly Performances - Iyar and Sivan at 19.05.2014

Beit Avi Chai - 10


Monday may 19th

Lunar Legends: Monthly performances for parents and children

The Month of Iyar

Two laborers, Sa and Har, are in charge of hanging the moon in the sky. However, during the month of light, the month of Iyar, the sky may remain dark, because Sa is not happy with his job and decides to stop time. Legends of light, darkness, and the moon, Queen of the Jewish calendar.

Monday  | 19 Iyar  | May 19  | 11:30am  | (Lag Ba’Omer vacation)

Wednesday  | 21 Iyar  | May 21  | 4:30pm

Tuesday  | 27 Iyar  | May 27  | 4:30pm

Thursday  | 29 Iyar  | May 29  | 4:30pm

The Month of Sivan

As they hang the moon in the sky, Har discovers Sa is keeping a secret. She is offended and the friends become enemies. Everything changes when during the month of harvesting the two siblings meet farmers and see how the wheat harvesting is revealed by the light of the moon as a gift of brotherhood.

Monday | 18 Sivan  | June 16  | 4:30pm

Wednesday | 20 Sivan  | June 18  | 4:30pm

Monday | 25 Sivan  | June 23  | 4:30pm

Thursday | 28 Sivan  | June 26  | 4:30pm

Director and Producer: Brachi Lifshitz  | Actors: Galit Tzabari and Eran Kraus  | Writing: Roni Brudetzky  | Music: Nadav Vikinsky  | Design and costumes: Yaara Zadok

Price: 20 shekels for children, entrance is free for an accompanying adult | Advance reservations strongly recommended.

This is a Hebrew-lanaguage only event.

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