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Ammunition Hill

Longing for a Hug: A New Exhibit at Ammunition Hill at 18.04.2014

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Until 30.04.2014

Longing for a Hug: a new exhibit at Ammunition Hill

Longing for a Hug is an unprecedented project initiated and organized by the One Family Organization, which gives light to the stories of family members of victims of terror – stories of pain and loss, of coping and strength, and above all, of growth and hope. The exhibit and book grew out of the deep understanding that children also need to commemorate and that their way of commemorating requires a unique approach.


One hundred and fifty two children who lost parents or siblings in terror attacks, rocket attacks, or military operations share their memories, how they coped, their hopes, and their longings. 


Thirty five artists took participated in the project to commemorate the children’s stories through works of art which are now displayed in the “Longing for a Hug” exhibit.


The exhibit is accompanied by explanations in Hebrew and English.


The exhibit is open to public free of charge throughout the month of April during Ammunition’s Hill regular opening hours and the extended opening hours over the intermediate days of Passover.

Open Hours

Adults - 15 NIS

Youth, Student, Seniors and New Immigrants - 10 NIS 


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