Tower of David museum Jerusalem

The Tower of David Museum

Passover at the Tower of David Museum at 18.04.2014

Until 10.04.2015

The Mystery of the Secret Potion

Passover activities for the whole family at the Tower of David Museum


April 5-8 (Sunday-Wednesday) from 10: 00-16: 00.

Last entrance for activity at 14:00

*(The activity is in Hebrew)


The Mission: To collect the secret ingredients of an ancient potion.

The Possibility: The remedy could heal every disease and prolong life.

The Problem: Four guards, descendants of ancient physicians in Jerusalem, keep watch over the secret potion and each guard knows only one of the ingredients. If you can solve a mystery, a guard will give you the secret ingredient. You must solve all four mysteries to get all four ingredients.  

Finish: You now can concoct your own potion and watch a fun show that actually contains the final clue.


Price: 30 NIS for children from the age of 4 and up.  40 NIS for adults.

Adult accompanying three children: free of charge!



Reservation Center: *2884


Family Price during Pesach: 100 NIS per family= 2 adults + children

This does not include the activities.


Open Hours

Adults: Museum visit: 36 NIS, Night Spectacular: 55 NIS, combo ticket: 70 NIS | Children (until age 18) and seniors: Museum visit: 18 NIS, Night Spectacular: 45 NIS, combo ticket: 55 NIS | Students: Museum visit: 25 NIS, Night Spectacular: 45 NIS, combo ticket: 55 NIS | Soldiers, handicapped: Museum visit: 15 NIS, Night Spectacular: 30 NIS, combo ticket: 40 NIS


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